6 Ways Martial Arts Helps Children With Self-Defense

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As pessimistic as it may sound, we do not live in a safe world anymore. You should be alert all the time to your immediate surroundings to detect danger. You cannot avoid it always, but what you can do is master the art of self-defense so that nobody can cause you harm without you putting up a fight. Learning self-defense has become essential in today’s ruthless world.

And it isn’t a one day affair. Learning martial arts takes years, and is a way of life. It’s a good idea to start early. If you’ve a kid, let them join in martial arts classes as soon as they are ready for kindergarten. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that martial arts are only for children. It’s for everybody who was the to learn the art of self-defense and could come in handy when you least expect it.

The top ways Martial arts could help you improve your self defense

Martial arts help you learn defense and discipline better than anything else. Smart and strong moves will help you gain an upper hand over any opponent. That is why children should be enrolled into martial classes from a young age. In fact, this knowledge will also help them in certain other ways, apart from fending off the enemy.


  1. Better physical fitness and coordination:

When your kids are regularly active, their locomotor and non-locomotor movements become sharper helping in the development of better motor skills. They become fit physically and have improved muscle coordination, agility, balance and strength. Your child will grow into a healthy self-confident adult.


  1. Concentration, discipline and respect:

Martial arts can cultivate concentration and discipline in students because of their strict schedules. They learn to be obedient which helps imbibe integrity into their character. Having better concentration will help them in their academics and later, in their professional lives too.


  1. Solutions to bullying and rough play:

When children are young, they often tend to engage in play fights. However, sometimes the situation may escalate to bullying which can cause real harm. Nobody wants children to get hurt which is why learning self-defense is so important. Martial arts teach you tolerance and ways to handle the attack without getting violent. There are methods to assert personal space without returning the attack.


  1. Develops tenacity:

If you wish to develop new skills in martial arts, you will need assertiveness and tenacity to succeed. Nobody is successful in just one try, and kids will have to rise from failures and work harder. It teaches you never to give up and will push you out of your comfort zone repeatedly. This training will prepare you to face life head-on. Preconceived limitations have no place in martial arts. Self-defense training makes children realize that anything is possible if they devote themselves to it.


  1. Awareness of danger:

Being aware of danger is very important as your first choice should always be to avoid it. Devoting your senses to detect anything unusual will help you understand your situation better. This is especially beneficial for kids who still haven’t learnt to navigate properly. If children develop an idea as to what is safe for them, they will be able to protect themselves better. Martial arts will also help you kid gain awareness about basic issues like road safety, electricity, fire and more.


  1. Develops confidence:

When a child is undergoing rigorous training, each new step will be an achievement. This will help children develop a sense of innate self-confidence which will help them throughout their lives. When a kid masters something very challenging after repeated tries, he or she will begin to acknowledge the skill and that in turn will develop motivation.


A good instructor can make learning martial arts truly worthwhile for your child. Unlike popular belief, martial arts are not all about throwing punches and kicks. It promotes emotional development along with physical growth. It helps children understand the value of precision, accuracy and hard work early in life so they never compromise on them in the future.


Should you go for it?


You don’t know when you need self-defense – and if you love travelling, such situations may come happen anytime.


Self-defense will help your child create personal space and detect breaches fast, so that nobody can cause harm and get away with it.

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