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Help your kids not to be perceived as victims


Martial art training has the potential to transform your kids’ life. Training boosts self-esteem and confidence and allows the kids to stand up for themselves. Bullies don’t see them as helpless targets. Martial arts training helps the kids to be more disciplined and focused in any activity that they perform.

Whether your child is shy or hyperactive, martial art training can help him/her learn valuable life lessons. In today’s world where children are always distracted with gadgets, martial arts training can help them to concentrate as well.

There are several reasons for enrolling your child in some martial art training or the other. Whether you want your child to build his/her confidence, stand up to bullies or learn valuable life lessons, martial arts training is the way to go. Here are some of the reasons that will compel you to enroll your kid in martial arts training.

1. Self-confidence and self-respect

Martial arts are a great way to gain true self-esteem and confidence. Children learn that there is confidence comes from within. A good martial arts school will teach the children to be respectful of themselves and others alike. Training also helps the children to develop a sense of camaraderie. They feel more confident and at the same time respectful of their fellow children.

2. Focus and calmness

Technology and gadgets are wreaking havoc on kids’ minds. They are consumed with their gadgets and find it difficult to sit still. Martial arts training can help in this area a great deal. Martial arts are more about inner peace and focus than anything else. Training allows kids to find the inner peace and imparts a certain calmness to their outlook. They learn to look inside and find their inner peace. There is more to martial arts than just kicks and punches. It is a way of life that helps the kids to learn how to reflect and introspect.

3. Physical activity

Although it is an obvious reason, many parents don’t realize just how inactive today’s kids have become. Kids today stay home and play with their gadgets all day long, and parents have no clue for how to engage them in any physical activity. Martial arts training provides an avenue for the kids to get physical and stay active. Physical fitness is the cornerstone of any martial arts training, and children learn the value of fitness and health.

4. Learn how to take a hit

One of the most valuable life lessons that you can teach your child is that life is difficult and it will hit you. The key is to take that hit and bounce back. Martial arts training is all about learning how to take a hit, physical or otherwise, and bounce back. It is an important life lesson that is engrained in any martial arts philosophy and is imparted to kids during training.

5. The union of the mind and the body

Martial arts training is all about harnessing the mental and physical energy and amalgamating them into one. Training will teach your kids to listen to their body, heighten awareness and get a control on their emotions. Martial artists can put the mental and physical energy together like no one else. They are not paralyzed by fear, rather they learn how to face it and overcome it.

Something to take home

The fact of the matter is that every child can benefit from martial arts training. It doesn’t matter what martial art they choose, as long as they are in good hands, any training will help them greatly. Make sure that the school and the trainers know what they are doing. Go over the program with the instructor and find one you are comfortable with and your child will enjoy. The key is to find a trainer or coach that will pay attention to the individual needs of your kid rather than the program itself.

What Your Child’s Black Belt Says About You As A Parent


I think you’ll agree with me when I say:
Supporting your kids by any means is the only way to ensure that they grow healthy, smart and emotionally balanced. The world is no longer the fairytale written in books where fairy’s, godmothers, unicorns and magic creates this wonderful world where fear is nonexistent or can be wished away by the snap of a wand. Today, the world is full of fear and the only way to help your child gain confidence and face the challenges ahead is to impart vital life skills.

How do you help your child face bullies in the neighborhood and school? How do you help your child to learn that monsters do not lurk under the bed or in the closet? How do you cultivate courage in your children to help them stand up against the fear present in the world?

Many parents will opt to pay for visits to the shrink’s office. Others will send their children to different camps with the hope of improving their social and life skills. Did you know there is a much simpler way to help your child gain the much needed courage and still learn vital skills to help with critical thinking, courage and respect?

Here is what your child’s black belt says about you – the parent.

You care for your child’s personal development

Martial arts may be considered a form of training that helps trainees gain skills for self defense. What many people forget is that martial art is a sport and like any other sport, it helps to teach the participants about team work. Team work is important not only when your child is young but when they become adults too. Martial art helps to impart life lessons in your child like how to work with other team members and how to be competitive. This impacts their personal development positively. Your child will get to learn humility, self control, discipline, leadership and confidence among other skills. These are core to the well being of your child. Attaining a black belt involves going through different stages which can become a personal journey of discovery. This allows your child to learn more about themselves, be able to confront their fears and challenges that lay ahead.

You care for your child’s health

Let’s face it; every parent is faced with a tough decision today. How do you get your child to engage in physical activities? Children are spending way too much time in front of computers, smartphones, tablets and TVs. They may be watching movies, TV shows or playing video games. One thing you need to note is that entertaining yourself positively is good for your mind and body. The problem emanates when children spend too much time with gadgets without any physical activity. Furthermore, they end up consuming foods rich in unsaturated fats and sugary soft drinks while doing so.

Overtime, this results in obesity. Obesity is a condition that has been found to have the following consequences – cardiovascular problems, diabetes and even cancer. This is not what you want for your child. By enrolling your child in a martial arts class it shows that you care about their health and well being.

You care for the life choices of your child

Life is about making choices; either right or wrong. Imagine this – your child was bullied at some point in life. Today, your child has gained confidence after taking martial arts classes thanks to your encouragement as a parent. Since martial art teaches all students to cultivate self control and self discipline, your child will definitely take the high road and not fight the bully. They will instead advice the bully to seek the help of a counselor who will help sought out their problems. They may even enroll the bully in a martial arts class where they can get to learn how to channel their anger in the right manner instead of venting on others. If your child was to make the wrong decision and decide to fight the bully, he or she may end up being expelled from school. Finding another good school is not easy so help your child make the right life choices.

Final Thoughts

As a parent, you have the perfect opportunity of molding the life of your child to become a respectable, focused and self disciplined individual. Yes enrolling them in school is one way while the other is parenting. What you need to know is that this is not enough especially in today’s world where fear seems to emanate from every corner. The best way to help your child cultivate self control, self discipline, courage and respect for other is by enrolling them into a martial arts class. Not only will they gain the above traits but they will improve their balance, learn team work, improve their coordination, lead a healthy lifestyle, stay focused and gain self defense skills.

How Martial Art Cultivates Self Discipline In Your Child


In martial arts, there are rules and procedures that need to be followed. First, every student must arrive at the dojo on time. The idea behind this is simple – to make most of the time when it comes to training. Secondly, every student needs to address the master or sensei with respect. It is important not to enter the class before the instructor acknowledges. Furthermore, students need to request for permission before leaving the class. Lastly, every student should respect each other because they are equal and no social status defines them inside the dojo. The level of skill is the only different students need to have. While the obvious reason to enroll your child in a martial art class is to ensure they stay active and away from spending too much time in front of smart gadgets and computers, cultivating self discipline is another important reason.

Here is how martial art helps to cultivate self discipline in children.

1. Through better strategies

When your child steps into the dojo, they will get to learn under the guidance of a master instructor. From the first day, the master becomes their guide. He or she will not expect your child to learn everything within a short time. They will start by giving your child specific goals to achieve. These goals are unique to your child’s strength and abilities. They are formulated to help your child on the journey to self discipline and self discovery. One thing you will note is that the goals will be provided step by step. This is done to help your child achieve success. Furthermore, they are formulated to help cultivate discipline allowing your child to achieve their goals and objectives. These strategies will not only work in the dojo but in life too. Your child will finally be able to make the right life choices.

2. Identify weaknesses

Every individual has his or her own weaknesses and the best way to overcome weaknesses is to identify them first. As the parent, sitting down with your child will allow you to know what strengths and weaknesses your child has. To help your child overcome them, it is important to cultivate self discipline. This can be done by enrolling your child in a martial art school. Working with the master instructor, your child will overcome his or her fears one at a time. They will be able to fight their cravings and urges plus learning how to overcome them too.

3. Training and practice

Martial art is composed of coded practices and traditions which help to teach your child self defense skills. The techniques are many and the only way to learn is by training and constantly practicing. This is how your child will get to hone their skills. Incessant training with unfailing patience has been found to characterize skill and even pave the way for cultivating self discipline. This attribute is honed each time the student practices in a training session. As time goes by, it is infused in the muscles and memory of the students finally instilling reactive skills. When on the mat with an opponent, your child will get to defend himself or herself. Even in the outside world, your child will stand up against bullies. This does not mean that he or she will be involved in a fight. Using the techniques learned, he or she can disarm the opponent safely and with ease.

4. Self improvement record

The best way to encourage young students in martial arts to enjoy the program and to cultivate self discipline is through self improvement record. This refers to a collection of documents that display the progress of the child from the first day they enrolled all through the completion of training. This has been found to encourage good behavior among the young students too. Every master has his or her own classification system when it comes to record keeping. The names, dates and achievements a young student has attained will be recorded. Parents can learn the progress of a child simply by talking with the master after training.

5. Leadership

In a martial arts class, students are not only taught self defense skills that help to cultivate self control and self discipline, they are taught to be leaders. It is common for the master to ask one of the students who has mastered more skill levels than the others to take over the class. Team leaders are also selected when it comes to competitive sports. The master gets to rotate the leadership baton among the young students with the hope of encouraging them to be active and be a leader. To lead a team of martial art students, discipline is required.

Final Thoughts

Self discipline helps your child build self confidence, allows him or her to be more productive, have the ability to maintain high tolerance, have the ability to attain goals more efficiently and lastly, trains your child to be a leader. In order to cultivate discipline, kids have to attend martial arts classes. Yes team sports can help impart self discipline but martial art infuses it in one’s core. If you want your child to not only attain leadership qualities but to also learn how to conquer challenges and have high tolerance for frustrations, you need to enroll them in a martial arts class today!