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Easy Ways to Increase A Child’s Confidence in Any Sport


Your child might show some promising signs to be a star in their sport of choice. They have the physical attributes, the talent and look good in practice. When game day comes, they forget everything and flop miserably.

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So how can a parent increase their child’s confidence in any sport? There are a few easy ways to boost that self-esteem to make your kids perform and live up to their full potential. In order to make sports a positive experience, your child will need to feel good and develop a healthy attitude towards sports and physical activities in general.

Remember, the key point here is to be supportive instead of being overly critical. Don’t relate success and failure to winning and losing. Youth sports is all about acquiring the skills and gaining mastery over a sport. When a child performs up to his maximum potential and still loses, don’t dwell on the losing part and start criticizing. In the same vein, a win doesn’t necessarily mean a personal victory if your child does not perform his best during the game.

Boost your kid’s self-esteem using these simple techniques:

-Encourage him or her to constantly challenge themselves and improve.

-Give your child the freedom he or she needs when participating in a sport. They should be the ones to set their goals and reasons for playing.

-Support and don’t coach your kid from the sidelines. Parenting is separate from coaching for a good reason.

-Make the sport fun for your kid.

-Whether they win or lose, provide encouragement and unconditional love.

-Teach your kid the valuable lessons that come with losing.

-Think more about the process and less about the game results.

-Lastly, don’t compare and respect your child’s individual difference.

Even if your child does not do too well on his or her chosen sport, you can contribute by boosting their confidence on it. Confidence is such a valuable factor that can be applied to any aspect in life, whether in the court, in school or in real life. Show faith and reassure your child that he or she has the ability to take their preferred sports to the next level. If a child isn’t critiqued by the parent, then they will likely turn to the next best thing- their coaches. When a coach is qualified enough to provide invaluable insights and tips, then they will be the experts at individual improvement of a team member.

Furthermore, as a child is genuinely enjoying his or her training, then they will more likely be doing it more often. As they train more, then they eventually get better at it.

Martial arts is one of the best sports your child can enroll to for development of confidence. It’s an optimally conducive environment for the young ones because here, they can practice and learn at their own pace and at their own speed.

Students can get achievements and higher rankings through levels to encourage them to strive harder. The classes themselves have a social interactivity often absent from the other competitive sports. Your child will make new friends and they will have a safe experience getting out of their comfort zone. It can be the perfect springboard to a better, more confident life for your child.

15 Tips to Help Kids Build Confidence


Here’s a comprehensive, detailed collection of tips and guides on how to build your child’s self-confidence:

1. Give The Gift Of Unconditional Love. There’s probably nothing better than an unconditional, no-strings attached love to boost a child’s self-confidence. Show them that you love them no matter what they did or who they are, regardless of temperament, attitude, difficulties and weaknesses or strengths. When at fault, make it clear that you are upset with his or her actions and not the person.

2. Pay Attention. However busy your day might be, set some quality time and give your child your full, undivided attention. Your child will feel special and loved this way. It doesn’t have to be overblown and lengthy- just put away that mobile phone or TV remote and direct your gaze to your child. Answer a question, help them with homework or just let them read to you works wonders in increasing their self-esteem.

3. Teach Rules and Limits. Enforce house rules and your kid will understand that there are boundaries, which makes him or her feel more secure.

4. Encourage Physical Activities. Part of the parenting process is letting your child do new things, such taking up martial arts. Various achievements that can be garnered at a martial arts class can be incentive enough for your kid to try and reach his or her true potential. It can empower your child to speak up and voice their opinions, overall making them less shy.

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5. Try Something New. What’s better than taking safe, calculated risks to bring your kids out of their comfort zone? Have them ride a trike, eat new food or try a new hobby. Be there beside them for support.

6. Mistakes Are OK. In this picture-perfect world where everyone is afraid to make mistakes, people forget that mistakes build up confidence and other essential life skills. Instead of pointing out the error, make them think about what went wrong and what they can do next time.

7. Instill A Sense of Adventure. Build up self-esteem by putting your child in an environment where they can explore in relative safety. Try enrolling them in a martial arts class with other kids with or without supervision, or in a sports-themed camp.

8. Get Comfortable with Emotions. Encourage your kid to talk about his feelings. Accept how he feels and try not to judge and you’ll validate his feelings.

9. Don’t Compare. There’s nothing more deflating to your child’s self-esteem than comparison with his or her peers. Instead of pointing out the bad, do the opposite and appreciate their uniqueness and individuality.

10. Encourage Whenever You Can. All of us need the support and encouragement of our friends and family, and kids are no different. Simple words such as “Keep Going!” and “You’re Almost There!” acknowledge their efforts and make the feel valuable.

11. Set Realistic Goals. Help your child set realistic goals that they can reasonably accomplish. Give support by holding them accountable to their goal. Start it off small to minimize failure, then build up the challenges and activities as you go. In time, they’d get comfortable and be ready for bigger undertakings.

12. Celebrate Positivity. Point out the good things your child does each and everyday, either directly to him or within earshot. Encouragement is great, but telling another person is better because your child will get to bask in the glow of your praise!

13. Teach Time Management. Empower your kid to take charge of his own day-to-day schedule the right way. Set a timetable for essential events such as sleeping time and doing chores, then praise them for being responsible when they accomplish the tasks.

14. Teach Them to Help Others. The practice of helping out those less fortunate gives a unique reward in itself. Soon, your kids will see how lucky they are and realize their potential. They will also learn that giving can be just as fun as receiving.

15. Introduce Social Skills. Lastly, don’t forget to give them outside freedom such as having them join their preferred clubs and in doing sports and other outdoor activities. Don’t forget that martial arts can provide some unbeatable social benefits, i.e, have them interact with their peers and teamwork skills. Having a mentor can also be invaluable especially if your child expresses real interest in their fields of expertise.

The Effects of Bullying on Self-Esteem in School Children


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4 Health Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

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It’s not uncommon for some kids to grow up with Martial Arts as one of their favorite sports or activities to participate in.  This is usually because these children have parents that are very familiar with all or some of the benefits that’s associated with this kind of activity.  Even though this kind of sport is fun for kids to learn and enjoy with others, there are a wide variety of health and fitness benefits that come along with this kind of training. So, for those of you who are interested in this sport for a kid that you know and love, here are some great health benefits that you should be aware of as you make your decision to get them started.

#1 – Provides Kids with a Total Body Workout

As stated previously, most kids will find that this sport is a lot of fun, but it will also provide them with a workout that they will need to stay healthy, fit and slim.  This is because it is a high-aerobic workout that allows kids to make use of every muscle group in their body.  As a result, children will be able to increase their stamina, build up their muscle tone, get flexible, all while helping them with their balance and increasing coordination.


#2 – Great Way to Have Fun and Lose Weight

Since kids all over the U.S. are struggling with obesity, it is essential that they get the help that they need as early as possible so that they do not suffer with illnesses and diseases early in life.  With the right solution to these problems, this group of children can also avoid unnecessary problems that they will experience during their adult years as well.  With this being said, when kids begin early being involved in sports like training in Martial Arts, they will find that they can burn tons of calories in every class and every time they practice.  It is also important to note that these exercises can help to regulate the food cravings that kids normally experience.

#3 – Improved Cardiovascular Health

According to numerous research studies, scientists have found that the health of the heart can only be maintained and improved by various kinds of exercises if performed on a regular basis.  Specifically, those that add additional stress to the heart.  One of the most effective are those that kids can participate in, is Martial Arts; with its constantly varied intensities and even different forms of resistance (whether it is a training partner, a training pad or punching bag, and even breaking boards).


#4 – Better Mood and Helps Relieve Stress

Though some people may feel that stress is restricted to adults only, many researchers today have found that this is not necessarily the case.  Because of the frustrations and problems that kids experience, their lives can also be impacted by this unwelcome enemy of the body.  However, when kids are participating in activities like Martial Arts, many have found that this is a great way to improve a child’s mood, especially since it gives them an avenue to relieve their stress before it builds up and adversely affects the body.