Improving Discipline and Motivation to Succeed

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How often have you started something and told yourself “This time I’ll do it!” only to lose motivation after a month, maybe weeks or even just days. How much of your time do you spend knowing that if you were a little more disciplined and focused you could get to where you want to go? How often do you actually get it and how long does it last?

Most peoples’ typical experience is probably that without external accountability, your motivation toward new disciplines has an expiration date. You can look at a successful person and feel motivated by their success. But what happens when you aren’t able to achieve similar success in short order? Who will hold you accountable to achieving your goals? Martial Arts instruction holds many people accountable to their goals while teaching them the key ingredients to make discipline a part of your daily routine.


There are certain strategies you can apply by yourself in order to stay motivated!


Make the following exercises a part of your daily regimen:

  1. Love the person in the mirror. Every morning provides the opportunity for you to accept who you are! It’s absolutely important to love who you are and what you’ve become. That’s the first step in being self-motivated.
  • Reaffirm your true love for the person you see each and every morning.
  • Remind yourself that you’re here for a bigger mission of which you might not yet be aware.
  • Restore the peace of mind that comes with self-acceptance. Doing this every day allows it to be engrained in your soul.


I’m reminded of something a student told me. He said that every morning he would look in the mirror and say to himself, “don’t you go dying on me you good looking son of gun, you’ve got important things to do”. What a great way to remind yourself that you and what you are planning to do are important!

  1. Accept your stage in life. Believe that you’re exactly where you should be at every moment. Your ability to accept that things happen in their own time will make you comfortable with what you’ve already achieved.
  • Bear in mind that being comfortable where you are doesn’t mean you can’t strive for greater success.
  • Knowing that you’ve done your best to get where you are is enough to keep pushing you forward.
  • Every few days, write a list of things you’ve achieved, whether big or small. Combine them at the end of the month and take an overall look at your awesomeness!


In Martial Arts training, those that learn that you will get there if you don’t ever quit often are able to apply the same thinking in all aspects of their life

  1. Surround yourself with positive energy. Positive energy can come from the things you choose to do. It can also come from the people you surround yourself with. When you’re surrounded by positive energy, you can’t help but maintain positivity!
  • Watch movies that empower and uplift you.
  • Do things with your friends that build encouragement.
  • Put yourself in situations where you’ll come out the other end smiling.


Let’s face it, at some point your motivation will wane. Having people and things around you that will help you get over those hurdles will be important to making discipline a habit in your life.

  1. Help others from the goodness of your heart. Avoid helping for personal gain or recognition. When you help others and see the positive impact, you naturally feel better about yourself.
  • One helpful act with a positive outcome is usually very inspiring. Seeing the difference you can make in others’ lives proves that you’re pretty awesome!
  • Knowing that you’re important to someone else’s well-being can make you feel worthwhile. It encourages you to keep helping.
  1. Focus on smaller goals. Reaching for and missing broad, unrealistic goals can be very de-motivating. When you’re unreasonable with your capabilities, you end up feeling disappointed when you miss the mark.
  • Why not break your major goal into smaller, tangible ones? You’ll be able to focus on one part at a time, with each part being another step closer to success!
  • Celebrate whenever you achieve a goal – large or small. Proving to yourself that you can do it motivates you to keep going.


In Martial Arts we have short range, mid range, and long range goals built in as you progress toward your Black Belt.


Approach this daily regimen in the same way a professional sports player approaches training day. What are your goals for the day? What can you achieve when you hit each target? What do you focus on when you feel like giving up?


You are your biggest supporter. In order for you to achieve success, you must learn to discipline yourself! It’s not cheating, to have others help point you in the right direction on the occasion that you get sidetracked. Tell yourself you’re worth every bit of success that comes your way.

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