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When students finally receive that letter of admission to college, they start to experience a sense of freedom away from home and strict parents. To them, getting into college seems like crossing the greatest ocean on earth especially after finishing high school. What many don’t know is that they are about to face some of the toughest challenges as a part of having grown up.

Yes, you will get invited into parties where you will meet cute boys and beautiful girls. Thanks to improved technology, you can reconnect afterwards on social media apps and chat/messaging apps too. During this time when many are savoring their freedom, others may be fighting their own internal battles.

Not every college student has been able to cultivate and master the art of confidence. Today, it is common to find college students who are adults not having the confidence to socially interact with fellow students. When confronted by trouble, social confidence and critical communication skills will help in resolving the problem.

As a college student, you will get to meet bullies just like you did when in high school. It is important to stand by your values and beliefs. This means you may have to protect them emotionally and above all, physically. Thanks to martial arts, you can finally equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills to help you tackle bullies and resolve issues amicably.

Here are martial arts benefits you need to know about before embarking on college.

1. Will learn to take hits

As a high school student and in exception of those who were taught responsibility by taking up after school jobs, others have ended up having things handed over to them. They have not experienced how disappointing it can be when you are fired just because the local coffee shop you worked in could not compete with multinational franchises. The one lesson every adult has had to learn the hard way is taking hits in life.

This is the same lesson that every college student has to learn and it will be useful when it comes to job hunting. It is part of life to take hits and the key to learning is getting back up and facing your challenges head on.

As said earlier, this lesson has been lost among children today thanks to the new culture of every child gets a trophy. When you join martial arts, you will learn to take hits. There are times you will defeat your opponent and there are times you will be defeated. You may end up having a few bruises and bumps but this should not discourage you. Actually getting hit allows you to relax and learn how to protect different parts of your body. You will get to respond, maneuver and anticipate better.

2. Gain self respect and self confidence

In life, you will always meet someone bigger not only in terms of height or muscular structure but also inform of wealth and power. Yes, the individual may be shorter than your muscular or taller self but you seem to overlook one thing, the other person is wealthy or powerful so body guards are at his or her disposal.

When you join martial arts, not only will you gain self respect but you will gain self confidence too. One of martial arts benefits is imparting a sense of respect. What does this mean? Having martial arts skills does not give you the right to bully others. Your master will also warn you about fighting others just because you have the skills. Doing so will end up in you being banned from the dojo and your belt taken away. You don’t want this after working so hard for so long and enduring hours of pain from your opponent’s hits.

Thanks to martial arts, college students will finally get to learn that respect and confidence for others originates from a deep sense of self knowledge and humility.

3. Positive social interaction and teamwork

It is common for people to think that they can tackle everything in life alone just because they are intelligent, wealthy or powerful. What they forget is that it takes a team of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced people to help them attain these goals. As a college student, teamwork is very important as this helps you to network. This is beneficial not only when you are in college but even after graduating.

This is why fraternities and sports teams have become very popular. You never know if that group of friends you are hanging out with will create the next big start up or even discover the cure to one of the incurable diseases.

Martial arts helps to develop team work in individuals. Thanks to team work, college students will learn how to work with others in their academic life and beyond.

4. Improves balance and posture

Balance and posture are two overlooked traits that are important in life. If you are planning to become a college football star or athlete, you need to have balance and the proper posture. This is the same with college students who want to engage in dancing and yoga among other activities.

The benefits of good posture include keeping bones and joints in the correct alignment allowing muscles to be used properly, decreasing abnormal wearing of joint surfaces and preventing backache plus muscular pain. Other benefits include preventing fatigue since the muscles will be used efficiently, preventing the spine from assuming a fixed abnormal position and decreasing stress on ligaments.

If you want to attain the above benefits, it is wise to engage in martial arts. You don’t want cramped organs or improper breathing. Thanks to martial arts training, you can finally attain proper form allowing you to achieve better posture and balance.

5. Self discipline and responsibility

If you have been bullied when in high school, you will probably carry hate and other ill feelings as you go to college. It will be even worse if the bullies go to the same college with you. They will probably continue teasing now that they have joined up with other bully-friends. Life will not be so pleasant for you especially after having such high expectations regarding your freedom away from your parents and your past in high school.

If you plan to join martial arts training with the mission of acquiring skills in order to revenge against what your bullies did to you when in high school, it is highly advisable not to do so. Yes, you despise them especially now that you have to contend seeing them (bullies) in campus and class. Acquiring martial arts skills for revenge is not the way of martial arts.

Martial arts will teach you self discipline allowing you to learn how to channel your anger and other ill feelings in the right manner. You don’t have to confront your bullies and beat them up. You will do the right thing which is teaching bullies how to confront their anger and pain the right way. They can join a sports program, workout at the gym or seek counseling.

Final Thoughts

Joining college is a great opportunity for students to gain higher learning which include skills and knowledge that is beneficial in their adult life. As a newbie, you probably had a bad experience when in high school in the form of bullies. In college where you would expect everyone would lead life with decorum, bullies are still present.

It is important to stand up for your goals, your values and beliefs. Without these, you will have no direction in life. Looking for a way to arm yourself with skills that will have a profound effect on your academic success? Try martial arts today! It has several benefits which includes improved self esteem, confidence building, self respect, improved physical fitness, healthy living, self discipline, balance and posture.

You don’t have to live with fear that you cannot attain greatness. Join a martial arts training program in college and change your life today!

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